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05 July 2009 @ 05:36 pm
Title: The Contradiction of "Sorry, I Love You" [Chapter 2/?]  

Title: The Contradiction of "Sorry, I Love You" 

Pairings: Eventual pairings. I won't say. :)) *it's quite obvious*

Rating: R

Warning: English is not my first language. Un-BETAed

Summary: Kyuhyun goes to a boy’s school and he doesn't like everyone. He knows his good in whatever he does and thinks life is boring. But when his life starts to change in ways he couldn't imagine, he finally realizes that he has much more things to learn.

A/N: Someone should kick me! I updated too late. I know my fault. *blaming someone* hope you like. Comments are love! ^^


Kyuhyun wasn’t going to like this trip. Even if the venue was right along the beaches so that in the morning they could breathe the fresh air from the ocean. Even if they had no fix schedule like they do in school and could request for anything they want – from chocolate ice cream to video games.


Kyuhyun wasn’t even going to try to enjoy himself. Not when his friends literally pushed him on the bus. It hurts that they actually want me to go away!


Nope, there was just no way was he going to like a trip where all the boys were excited like little girls to go on a trip they’ve been going for the few past years. Especially that, nobody seemed to like peace and quiet like he did.


So when he finally got to the room he was assigned to at the very end of the building, he was glad that he was finally alone. He was so eager to get the peace; he actually decided that his bag was too much of a hassle to bring inside.


Yes, this is more like it. Kyuhyun quietly lay on the bed; shoes still attached but already drifting to sleep. But then he heard a soft thump on the floor and the door quietly closed. Kyuhyun refused to open his eyes – sleep just felt so tempting – but his brain wouldn’t allow it making him imagine it was a thief ready to stab him and run away with his luggage and... his PSP.


With the thought, Kyuhyun shot up from his position ready to attack, only to see Sungmin stumbling at Kyuhyun sudden movement. Sungmin was carrying Kyuhyun’s luggage and probably his own luggage which made him seem so small that he could lose balance but the moment Kyuhyun shot up, his effort in trying to bring all that weight made it all fall.


“What are you doing?” Kyuhyun asks, suddenly feeling dizzy from shooting up too fast. “What are you doing with my luggage?”


Sungmin simply smiled. “It’s getting dark so I decided to bring it in,” he said with a smile spread all the way to his eyes.


Kyuhyun decided to ignore him as he finally noticed the interior of the room. It was rather a big room for two people to stay in. In the middle of the room were a small dining table and a refrigerator at the corner of the room. A comfy couch at the opposite side as the other two ends were the two single beds Sungmin and Kyuhyun were sitting on. A door which must of lead to the toilet he was supposed to share with Sungmin.


“You want some hot chocolate?” Sungmin suddenly said successfully making Kyuhyun divert his full attention to him. Kyuhyun didn’t answer but Sungmin smiled as he skipped to the pantry. Kyuhyun just stared at him until he disappeared behind the refrigerator’s door.


Kyuhyun took off his shoes and decided to shower, unzipping his bag as he grabbed his towel. Looks like this is going to be a long trip.


“Kyu” Kyuhyun turns to see Sungmin holding two mugs of hot chocolate. “What did you just call me?”


“Kyu” Sungmin replied shinning his smile to Kyuhyun. Why is this guy so oblivious? “If you shower now the hot chocolate will get cold,” he simply said ushering the mug to Kyuhyun.


Kyuhyun wish he didn’t have to deal with this. It was suppose to be a schedule free trip, so he can do anything else right? But Kyuhyun simply took the mug, nodding in a polite manner – Sungmin was still his sunbae - and once again taking a seat on his bed. But the hot chocolate was so tasty, that it gave Kyuhyun a warm feeling in his heart.


Kyuhyun glanced at the small figure in front of him. Kyuhyun open his mouth to speak but it quickly closed. He had to ask him. He just needed to know the answer to the question swimming in his brain as he drank the hot chocolate; enjoying the feelings in him as he did so but still he kept in mind, he wasn’t going to like the trip. He wasn’t going to like the guys on this trip. He wasn’t going to like this guy. Yup, not even one bit.


 “Did you do this by yourself?”





The next day Kyuhyun wanted so much to stay in bed for the rest of the day but something was disturbing his slumber. Kyuhyun wasn’t a heavy sleeper so when he felt weight on the edge of his bed he was immediately awaken.


“Oh dear, he woke up!” A voice ringed in Kyuhyun ears; a little too loud for his liking. “Kyuhyun, it’s a good day you should be outside enjoying yourself!” The voice was still hurting his ears. Kyuhyun stared at the now standing boy who woken him from his sleep. It took him awhile to realize who it was. It was Leeteuk.


“Let’s go to the beach!” Kyuhyun blinked at him. “Come on! Get up!” Leeteuk pulled Kyuhyun up in one swift movement. Kyuhyun still blinked at him. The sun was blaring way too bright almost blinding him but still he looked around him. Sungmin was on the couch with Kangin who seem to have come with Leeteuk. Donghae was smiling at Kyuhyun when Kyuhyun finally spotted him on Sungmin’s bed.


“Yeah, you should come along with us.” Sungmin called.


And before Kyuhyun knew it, he was dragged by the others out the door while Sungmin laughed.




Kyuhyun stayed under the shade of the beach umbrella when he finally got there. It’s not that he didn’t like being in the sun and having fun, it was just that he was so determined that he didn’t want to enjoy the trip. There was no way he was going like being dragged to such a beautiful beach.


“Kyuhyun, why aren’t you joining us?” Kyuhyun hears a voice next to him. He looks up to see Sungmin sitting quite a distance away from him – in the sun instead of sitting in the shade beside him.


 “We’re about to play beach volleyball” he continues. Kyuhyun sits up and moves to give Sungmin space. He slowly patted the space beside him, looking at Sungmin straight in the eye. “Sit under the shade” he said quietly, quickly looking away.


Sungmin stared at Kyuhyun a slight shock in his expression but he smiled at moved closer to Kyuhyun. “Why aren’t you joining us?” Sungmin repeated his ignored question.


Kyuhyun stared at Sungmin as though he was looking for the answers on his face but Sungmin just remain still at Kyuhyun stare; not flinching away. “You just don’t want to enjoy yourself, right?” Sungmin says breaking Kyuhyun’s blank expression into a confused one.


Was it that obvious? “No, I’m not” Kyuhyun helplessly denied the truth.


“Then come and join us” and once again Kyuhyun was pushed on his feet by Sungmin and Donghae – who came out of thin air – into something he was pretty sure he didn’t want to do.


~~~*** That night ***~~~


I didn’t enjoy the trip. I don’t like them. I don’t like HIM. Kyuhyun growled as his furious eyes pierce into the person in front of him. He groaned in pain as he settled in his bed. His feet hurt; his back hurt; he was in pain.


He was never the sport type so when he was up against such good players his will to win was too much – just a little too much. Kyuhyun cursed his way into sleep as there was possibly no way he was going to enjoy sleeping in this condition.


“Kyuhyun” Don’t talk to me.


“Are you asleep?”


Kyuhyun groaned. Why? Why must I bare with this?


Kyuhyun heard Sungmin move on his bed then footstep nearing his bed. It was dark and Kyuhyun didn’t want Sungmin to realize he was ignoring him so he shut his eyes tightly. But instead Kyuhyun heard the door open and close a minute later.


I need some sleep.

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waruiyume80 on July 5th, 2009 10:36 am (UTC)
Hope Sungmin will be able to melt him soon.
Natashakyu_x3 on July 5th, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
hehe, Sungmin will be able to melt him, with his hot chocolate :D

-wants hot chocolate from Sungmin-
looking forward to the next chapter ^^
Tsehqui: HaeHyuk *sapphireblue*tsehqui on July 5th, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
oohhh, interesting ^^
I'm looking forward to the next chapter~
(new reader here, btw ^^)
adding you up :)
missywkc: sungminmissywkc on July 5th, 2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
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Anabelle Hoalphaeuspawns on July 5th, 2009 12:50 pm (UTC)
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J♥sjdbskluv on July 8th, 2009 06:56 am (UTC)
More! More! More!

XD this is so cute!! :3 teehee, kyuhyun keeps on denying his feelings~

Sungmin is so sweet~ hope he can melt kyu~ <33

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ryeowook01 on July 16th, 2009 09:47 pm (UTC)
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Carol: pic#94757079k19a2i8m1 on November 7th, 2009 07:01 am (UTC)
uwaaa... i only found this fic just now. it's embarrassing to not notice this fic before....

ahhmm.. why is the link for the first chapter not working?
missywkcmissywkc on November 7th, 2009 08:24 am (UTC)

i'll edit out the link later.
thanks for the notice.